I was trying to find out who I really was.

Dear Dr. Kim, Two years ago I was trying to find out who I really was.  When my mom introduced you to me I was wondering on how this would help me.  Now two years later, I know I want to do and how I will do it.  Last year, I really didn’t care about studying; I just wanted to have fun and play. However, I started to really learn about what I really have to do.  Two years ago I had a lot of problems, I had a short temper and I would always be over aggressive.  My relationship with my sister was rocky, and my brother was growing bitter about me. However, after you started to help me, my relationship with my sister got better and better, I started to respect her and I understood why she was always angry and aggressive.  You helped my relationship with my younger brother because I never really noticed on how hard he was working on keeping our relationship together.  I realized that I was being a jerk to my brother; I treated him without respect or dignity.  Now I try to treat him with better respect and kindness, I couldn’t have done all this without your help.  Have a happy New Year and holiday.

(Little Neck 중학생 정군)

Irene Kim

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